R2-D2 caught smoking

Remember this classic PSA? C3PO catches R2 smoking and... wait. Droids don't have lungs. The logic fails pretty quickly.

The main lesson here is that smoking isn't grown up. That's right kids; Smoking is childish. Don't grow up too fast. Stay young as long as you can with Morley Jr. brand cigarettes!


smauge said...

I'm more concerned with the fact that no one stubbed out that cigarette - way to cause fires, droids!

Cary said...

Wow. I have a very faint memory of that. Weird.

I'm surprised Lucas went along. He's pretty tight-assed about the use of his characters.

Lefty said...

Have you forgotten about the Star Wars Holiday special? Lucas may have been rabidly gathering money for Empire Strikes Back. Then again, how much cash is available through PSAs?

jessica o said...

Hi Lefty! O-Face here! I never have been to the dark side.

I remember that, too. Makes me crave a cigarette.

Lefty said...

Hey, O! Thanks for stopping by! You're always welcome!