In 1986 Maximum Overdrive was released. FINALLY, an adaptation of a Stephen King work directed to precisely meet the author's vision. It was directed by Stephen King himself... He was never allowed to direct again and there was much rejoicing.

Memorable bits from MO: Yeardly Smith in a pre-Lisa Simpson performance repeatedly whining "Curtusss!", and my favorite line "Don't make me a widduh on mah weddin' day!" I love Yeardley Smith and she was supposed to be a shrill woman. She was nowhere near that shrill or annoying when I met her back in '99. She was quite lovely.

Also a favorite line: "You sure make love like a hero" - uddered by Brett (Laura Harrington) to Bill Robinson (Emilio Estevez) after a sweaty and otherwise drab love-making session amidst all the death at the Dixie Boy truck stop.

The most lasting remnant of Maximum Overdrive is the soundtrack by AC/DC. Strangely it was not called Maximum Overdrive -Soundtrack, but Who Made Who: which caused English majors everywhere to stamp their feet and cry "It should be Who Made WHOM!" Still. A good soundtrack and unofficial greatest hits album. I bought the cassette (anyone remember those?) the day after seeing MO at the Hollywood Theatre in downtown Sioux Falls.