Aaah, summertime

When I could stay home and watch television without the interruption of social interaction or education. Suffice it to say this commercial was so full of gratuitous sexual innuendo that it soundly carbonated my young, tormented libido.

This next one appealed to my nerdish side. I played a bunch of Atari, and was always interested in more games. Most of all M-Network employed a dreadfully catchy jingle. Still get it going through my head on summer days like this.

I never owned any M-Network games. They seemed pretty lame. Hell, most Atari games are woefully inadequate by today's standard. You can freakin' save a game now days!!! I can't tell you the number of games I forfeited due to bladder issues. High Scores were a matter of hearsay. Sure I turned over Asteroids, but does any one believe me? Where's the proof?


Brokeback Potter

In honor of Harry Potter Month, let's drag out this fairly amusing clip and put on some Cher records.

BTW -- If you haven't read the book yet, don't go to the comments (or to any comments regarding Harry Potter videos) people are posting spoilers -- maybe fake ones, but still...


Armourcote II

Nearly every line from the copy on this ad is etched in my brain forevermore. The "Now how much would you pay" thing is still something I say (all too often, I fear). I can't say if Armourcote II was any good, but this commercial and its like ran all the time on WGN at all hours... and I'd watch at all hours unless there was a Cubs game. I watched Dick VanDyke, Leave it to Beaver, the Munsters, Twilight Zone, you name it. I could wile away the summer in front of the boob tube, only occasionally turned out into the harsh cruel outdoors by my sadistic parents. I think they liked having me around, especially when my sisters discovered friends and other useless frivolities.