Waffelos and Donutz, yo

I recall getting this as a child.  It seems like it was during a brief time in which my parents would consent to buy any crap cereal we wanted.  The mascot was Waffelo Bill.  Not sure about his horse.  The back of the cereal box had a little cut-out of a western town including livery stable and other things seen in the ol' west.

We also got to have Powdered Donutz cereal.  They weren't great.

They were not a far cry from Belushi's classic Little Chocolate Donuts of Champions.  The cigarette is a nice touch.

Eventually I think the kids realized that the classics like Cheerios and Wheat Chex were the best cereals, and this sugar-laden crap was not worth the hype. Are you happy now, mom?  You ruined me for the sugary crap.


Martini and Rossi

Well this isn't the first time Jaclyn Smith tried to get me drunk on cheap wine. Seems to me like putting ice in wine is the sort of thing the uncultured do. They might also add a bit of Sprite to give it some zest. Say yes.

Orson freakin' Welles was selling wine later in his career. If you lived during the 70s you saw this or its like a great many times. It bothers me greatly that Welles scared the hell out of the US with his amazing War of the Worlds broadcast, got complete creative control of his first film Citizen Kane, by far one of the best films ever, and finished up his career with a voice role in Transformers: The Movie (not the Michael Bay one, either). I guess it's sort of the Elvis ending. Live an amazing life, then die on the crapper (literally or figuratively).

Who can forget this classic?  It forever cemented a clydesdale/beer connection in so many of us that even now, when I see horses with hairy hooves I just gotta have a beer.  This is back before Spuds Mackenzie stole our hearts and livers.  Before the Bud-Wise-Er frogs... erm... existed.  Before Waaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzzzzzuuuuuuuuuuuuuup made us want to tell co-workers to just shut up, okay?



She can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan, and never never let me forget I'm a man. Now that's a woman. The modern family unit is so diverse that the roles once restricted to gender are performed by either. So often in this fast-paced world I'll loose track of my gender. A woman who wears Enjoli could really help sort things out. Guess I know what Mel's getting for Christmas this year: My gender identity reminder.