It's for your own good

The best way to reach children who have control over what they eat for lunch is with puppets. Don't listen to the freakin' ostrich! Eat the cake!

Now the preacy puppet is telling you what you can do with your money. I've been saving up for a swell dolly for a while now. Every time I get enough money, they make a better, more expensive dolly. The one I have in mind now is fully functional and cleans up with a hose.

Here they explain what a commercial is. They fail to mention PSAs and other federal obligations.

Hey kids! We know you love the disco music! We can dig. Do you know what else is cool? Puppets and vegetables! Now ease on down the road to... ah, screw it. Eat your damn vegetables or no cake.

Note an early appearance of Toys R Us mascot Jefferey Giraffe.

Another Junior Consumer Tip from the Better Business Bureau. I know some adults who could learn from this one.

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