Matt the White

I was looking for those obnoxious "Feelin' 7-Up" commercials, but couldn't immediately find one. I did, however find this:

Which led me to this:

Obviously Matt did a bit of commercial work before he became that lovable Joey on TV's Friends. At this point, I'm thinkin' the '80s were rife with Matt LeBlanc softdrink ads.

Ketchup isn't a soft drink, but it Matt LeBlanc had his way, the sidewalks of New York would be stained with rotting dollops of thick, delicious Ketchup.

Now that is complete hooey. Not only did the ketchup bottle drip a smaller dollop than hit the dog, but the angle is all wrong. He would have gotten ketchup all over his swell Member's Only jacket. I know, it's not really a Member's Only jacket, but I don't care. It is in my mind.

Oh, and I did finally come across:

Nothing sells a crisp, refreshing soft drink quite like seething, unspoken threats of extreme violence in front of children. It's not quite the version I was hoping for, but it'll do.

I'd better stop. I'm feeling 7-up and should take something for it.