It's Christmastime!

To me there were two things that marked the true beginning of the Christmas season. The first was Santa cruising through the snow in a Norelco shaver head (above), the second was Ronco commercial equipped with the tag line "it makes the perfect Christmas gift at only $14.88", followed by the "'tis the season..." music (below).

Every year I've looked extensively for these on the 'net. Only now with the wonder of YouTube are they available. Enjoy!


Somehow, during the switch to the New Blogger™, this witty post ended up attributed to me, but I wanted to note for the record that Lefty/Eric wrote it. - Mel


Tastes Like the 80s

Remember "You got your chocolate in my peanut butter!" -- "You got your peanut butter in my chocolate!" While I was unable to find that exact commercial, this one is a pretty good substitute -- sure has that 80s essence, anyway.

One thing, though -- taking a jar of peanut butter to a movie? I guess it's a good thing they went to the snack bar for Reeses instead of further mixing his candy bar with her peanut butter -- not on a first date, anyway.