Sneak Previews

I've always hated Sundays. They just rub me the wrong way. Part of the flavoring of Sundays in my childhood was Sneak Previews, the show Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert put on before they did At the Movies and Siskel & Ebert & the Movies. The intro makes me feel a bit nervous even now. At the time it meant that only a half an hour remained before bed time and school the next day.

This clip could use some editing. It's the intro I want you to see. The cups coming out of the machine kitty-wumpus makes me crazy. I'm glad they don't widely use machines like those any more. Enjoy! Hell, save me a seat in the balcony! Get well soon, Roger. I miss your work.


Steve's Playing for the Kids Again

Steve Burns, the preferred host of Blues Clues around here (sorry Joe, you do fine, but Steve just had that special something), is once again playing to the kids...

Here's Steve, along with Steven Drozd of Flaming Lips, in a video that started playing on Noggin around Groundhog Day 2007.

Here's an older clip of Steve, fresh off the Blues Clues gig and doing his own thing, although I think the Flaming Lips were involved in this one, too.


Bart Simpson and The White Stripes

Here's the Simpsons' spoof of The Hardest Button to Button, complete with an appearance from Jack and Meg. The episode originally aired earlier this season, but the rerun played this last Sunday, to the enjoyment of all around here.

And here's the actual video.