The "Keep Norah Happy" Collection

Our Norah, who will be three in March, occasionally has her diva-esque moments and needs cheering up, or in come cases, distraction. Cat videos will often do the trick. Here are some of her favorites:

How does that cat crawl under the door?

This one has so many good moments, particularly that of the possessed cat. Our boy thinks it's saying "lunch lunch lunch". Why not -- I suppose it isn't really saying "Oh long Johnson".

This was a really fun one to come upon -- cute cat and fun, catchy tune.


Eat them up, yum!

Long ago when MTV was desperate for musical content... ANY musical content, they played Barnes and Barnes' Fish Heads plenty.
Keep your eyes peeled for Bill Mumy of Lost in Space fame (Danger Will Robinson!), and Bill Paxton who also directed this gem. At the beginning you'll find the beautiful Pan Pacific Auditorium, once used in the film Xanadu, but unfortunately lost to fire in 1989. Also of note is Dr. Demento (Barry Hansen) in the role of Homeless Man.

How 'bout a burger, baby?!!

I'm surprised I haven't posted this totally awesome video to the ol' blog before now. Rewind back to 1999 - yes 1999, not the 80s. I was hugely pregnant with our son, and was captive in a hospital bed for two days, then two weeks later, for another two days. In that first stint (prior to the actual birth), there was a lot of TV watching, and I kept seeing this weird, bad Subway ad. It looked so 80s -- all sorts of neon and grids, and of course, the woman with the huge hair and sparkly 80s dress. I found it repellent, yet I was compelled; was it supposed to be a nostalgia thing? The timing didn't seem quite right for 80s nostalgia -- not yet, anyway.

Much to my surprise, the ad started running again last spring. We made sure to catch it on the Tivo™, and found there were a few other bloggers out there scratching their heads. I'm going to post an article that originally appeared in the St. Paul Pioneer press, which pretty much explains the whole thing (why it was running), but in order to not take up too much real estate here, I'm going to post it as a comment to this post.

Oh, and another thing -- I swear, in the shot of the two girls who sing "don't want my dinner from a big machine", the one on the right is Ione Skye. Eric doesn't believe me, but it has to be. The St. Paul Pioneer press reporter addresses rumors that the girl was, in fact, Parker Posey. She, like, totally missed the mark.


My Pretty Coney/Little Pony

This Pale Force Action Figures mock commercial from Late Night with Conan O'Brien was a huge hit at our house -- the kids particularly liked the "pee in the pants action". But the highest entertainment value is provided by "My Pretty Coney" -- who wouldn't pay good money to get one of those? Watch it, and find yourself singing the song over and over and over... Which brings us to:

Eric pointed out the similarity of the My Pretty Coney and My Little Pony songs, so of course, we had to find some My Little Pony commercials, much to the delight of our pony loving nearly-three-year-old girl. Now both tunes are being heard around the house -- scary.