Dunkin' Donuts

Here's one I was thinking of for a while but couldn't find. The key was searching for Michael Vale (the guy who played Fred the Baker).

This is a classic of commercial comedy. I love the finger over the mustache and the line "No... ma'am". Excellent!

Vale did over 1,300 commercials before retiring in 1997. He was best known for his work with Dunkin' Donuts. Remember this classic?


Bev said...

Oh my! I remember these ads from my childhood. This morning I saw a classic: the "How many licks" Tootsie Pop ad....

Thanks for the D&D memories. These days I can't drive 10 feet without hitting a Dunkin' Donuts, so it's nice to feel nostalgic about them for a change.

Lefty said...

Oh, how I wish for your troubles. We don't have a Dunkin' Donuts anywhere near us. Our best bet since Krispy Kreme closed is our grocery stores. Those donuts are okay, but they are neither Krispy or Kremy, and they're hardly worth dunkin.