The Master

The Master came on TV at just the right point in my life. I'd been into martial arts for a while, watching USA Network's Kung Fu Theater and taking Tae Kwon Do. Ninjas were just the coolest. They had the gadgets and the secret death touch, and the mad killing skillz, yo.

The show itself was okay. It was kind of like The Incredible Hulk in that the heroes wandered from town to town, established the characters in the town and then beat the bad guys up. Lee Van Cleef played the Master. He would spout wisdom for a while and when it came time to kick ass, he put on the mask and the stuntman would do the rest. It was long bits of boring plot interrupted by kick-ass fight scenes at 7:25 and 7:50. It was some of the fastest martial arts action on the tube at the time and I loved it for that.

This is obviously the German language version. I used it for it's kick-ass video quality and bass response. Kick ass theme song by Bill Conti.

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